Food Storage Key Points

Most common reasons for not getting food storage

  • Who wants to eat that?  It usually is not appetizing.
    • Dinner Is In The Jar makes food storage dinners absolutely delicious.  Once you start making these recipes, your family will be asking for food storage dinners!
  • Too much trouble.  Using food storage is difficult and time consuming.
    • Dinner Is In The Jar has recipes that are quick and easy.  The dinners are premixed in mason jars. Simply follow the instructions on the jar label and dinner is done.  Many only require you to add water and boil. Simple, quick & delicious.
  • Food storage costs too much money. We cannot afford it.
    • With the Dinner Is In The Jar system, you can reduce or eliminate your usual grocery bill for dinners.  Instead
      buy food storage ingredients, use & rotate them.  This way, food storage is not an additional item on your budget.
      You can actually save money each month using and rotating your food storage.

Self Contained Recipes

One major problem with most food storage recipe cookbooks, is that they assume that you can go to the store to get additional fresh ingredients.  However, in the case of an emergency, this is not possible.

The recipes in  Dinner Is In The Jar are self contained, meaning if you follow the recipe and planning chart, you will have all you need to make the recipe.  You do not need fresh ingredients.  For example, the Chili recipe calls for the mix in the jar, plus “Add-ons” (a can of diced tomatoes and a pint of pressure canned ground beef or TVP).  If you keep the can of diced tomatoes & beef with your jar, you will have everything you need to make the recipe.  In the case of an emergency, you will not need to go to the store for further ingredients.

The Add-On planning chart gives the amounts of add-on ingredients needed for your 90 day supply.  Therefore, if you follow the planning charts & recipes, you will have all you need to make the recipes together in one place.

Dinner Is In The Jar Will Help You:

  • Prepare your 90 day supply of easily prepared meals
  • Obtain usable & enjoyable food storage
  • Rotate your food storage
  • Determine what food storage products your family likes.
    Then you will know what to store
  • Save money using food storage products
  • Save time: On a busy day, empty jar, add water, boil and
    dinner is done

Click here for a download of the Key Points Summary Page – an excellent resource to use when presenting the book to a group