Group Buy Discounts!

If you would like to coordinate a group buy, the following discounts can be obtained:

  • Discounted price on the book to $10.95 per copy
  • Free shipping on orders over $25  to one address in the continental USA.

When you are ready to place the group buy order, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Click here (This will take you to the purchase page)
  2. Click “Add To Cart” on left of screen.
  3. In “Quantity” enter the number of books you would like to purchase (minimum group order purchase is 10 books), and click “Update Quantities”
  4. In lower right of screen, find “Apply Discount” and enter MUN2RC9G  then click “Apply Discount”
  5. Now, Click “check out” and simply finish the checkout process.

You can also use these fliers & sign up sheet to coordinate the group buy:

*** Take a look at the Food Storage Key Points page for a summary to share with others explaining how Dinner Is In The Jar will help with food storage.

Ideas to share the message & encourage food storage use & rotation:

  • Have a demonstration class wherein you demonstrate how to make a few jar meals, and afterwards offer a taste of an already made meal.   Have brochures (above) for the attendees to take home.
  • Have a meeting during which the attendees bring a jar and get to make a dinner recipe in their jars.  They then can take their filled jar home for dinner that night along with color brochure #1.